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About us

The Künzi family has been welcoming guests to the tiny village of Selden in the Gastern valley since 1914 when they built their first small restaurant. In those days it was called the "Schwizehüsli".
In 1932 it was extended and some bedrooms were built on.
Hermann took over the guesthouse from his father Peter in the 1930s. In 1970 Hermann together with his two sons, Rudi and Christian, rebuilt the restaurant and kitchen and the hotel was renamed Hotel Steinbock.
In 1980 Christian and his English wife Ann continued the business making many improvements to the hotel.  Showers and toilets were built on each floor and a small hydroelectric power station was built to replace the noisy oil generator.
In 2004 the pipes and tanks for the water supply were totally modernised meeting the high Swiss standards. Hot showers and pure drinking water throughout the season is now guaranteed.

Christian and Ann Künzi-Adcock and family look forward to seeing you soon.